Whats wrong with sex before marriage

God will give you the body of a tiger in your next life so that you can eat flesh very freely. This is a concession only. This explanation is given in Srimad Bhagavatam 3. Although the Old Testament contains some prescriptions for meat-eating, it is clear that the ideal situation is vegetarianism, In Genesis 1: Lord Krishna says that he is the original father of all living entities aham bija-pradah pita — BG, We are not trying to sustain life here on earth; we are establishing an eternal life with God.

Whats wrong with sex before marriage

If you are commanded by God not to defile the marriage bed you have gained knowledge, but if you continually practice oral sex your conscience is seared by the nagging Spirit of God. Discipline yourself to talk about Jesus and the Gospel more than anything else. Mode of GOODNESS Knowledge, inner satisfaction and happiness, purity, cleanliness, selflessness, compassion, self-control based on knowledge , tolerance, patience, controlled mind and senses, sense of duty, caring, generosity, honesty, austerity pain now for higher purpose , wisdom, religiosity, humility, regulated habits incl sleep, eating etc , well-organised, steady in purpose, well-behaved, forgiving, simple-minded, merciful, satisfied, peaceful, respectful of others. I am tempted to say that the uneducated mountain preachers around me preach very long sermons, but many educated preachers do as well. A devotee is to offer to Krishna foodstuffs prepared from vegetables. That is not logic. Sort of like giving a presentation to the bull just before the gate opens. Non-devotees are killing cows, goats and so many other animals for eating purposes, and a devotee, who is vegetarian, is also killing. Meat eating can lead to destructive qualities. The more a church gives serious attention to liturgy and the Eucharist, the less time will typically be given to the sermon. Such foods cause distress, misery and disease. Na cha praanivadhah svargyastamaanmaamsam vivarjayet. Reformed preachers tend to be exegetical in the pulpit, with much attention paid to every word, phrase and grammatical turn. Length often is an attempt to make up for effectiveness in other areas. I once heard a preacher do a sermon on John 9 that would have easily been redone as half a year of preaching. And we can see directly that when someone comes to kill an animal, it resists, it cries, it makes a horrible sound. I currently preach sixteen times a month, and I love it. Only in the human form of life can the soul turn its consciousness towards God and at the time of death be transferred back to the spiritual world. There is a very tight restriction if someone wants to eat meat, for example: There is a great difference between human life and animal life. God will give you the body of a tiger in your next life so that you can eat flesh very freely. It is clearly stated in Vedic literature that cruel masters who kill innocent animals will undoubtedly be killed in the next life by a similar process. Foods that are too bitter, too sour, salty, hot, pungent, dry and burning are dear to those in the mode of passion. If there are so many points of similarity between human beings and animals, why deny one similarity? I think it has made me a much better preacher.

Whats wrong with sex before marriage

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Sex Before Marriage? PREPARE TO DIE!

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