She cant feel anything during sex

Ask your doctor about how medicines, illnesses, surgery, age, pregnancy or menopause can affect sex. If desire is the problem, try changing your usual routine. What should I do? There have not been many studies on the effects of Viagra or testosterone on women, so doctors do not know whether these things can help or not. Evaluation and Treatment by Nancy A.

She cant feel anything during sex

Talk To Your Girlfriend These are two different issues and I would encourage you to talk with your girlfriend about your sexual experiences together at a time when you are not having sex or about to have sex. Evaluation and Treatment by Nancy A. Many women don't reach orgasm during intercourse — instead they prefer manual or oral stimulation before, during or after penetration, if that occurs at all. She might even find that trying a woman-on-top position gives her the opportunity to rub against your body in ways that allow her to explore types of stimulation that feel most pleasurable to her. Is there something wrong with me? She is the author of several books about sex and love. Many things can cause problems in your sex life. Talk with your partner about what each of you like and dislike, or what you might want to try. Causes What causes sexual dysfunction? Certain medicines such as oral contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs , diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure , excessive alcohol use or vaginal infections can cause sexual problems. Depression, relationship problems or abuse current or past abuse can also cause sexual dysfunction. If you have a problem having an orgasm, you may not be getting enough foreplay or stimulation before actual intercourse begins. Masturbation may also be helpful, as it can help you learn what techniques work best for you. What else can I do? Could there be a hormonal problem with me. Definitely have your man use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. You might need rubbing or stimulation for up to an hour before having sex. What can I do at home to help resolve my problems? Emptying your bladder before you have sex, using extra lubrication or taking a warm bath before sex all may help. The only time i feel good s when i masturbate and i dont like it this way. If you still have pain during sex, talk to your doctor. Robyn Salisbury is a clinical psychologist. And it smells exactly lile pee. How can my doctor help? Ask your doctor about how medicines, illnesses, surgery, age, pregnancy or menopause can affect sex. This helps you and your partner have a good sexual relationship.

She cant feel anything during sex

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Why Most Women Never Orgasm During Sex

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  1. Your doctor can suggest ways to treat your sexual problems or can refer you to a sex therapist or counselor if needed.

  2. What should I do? Keep in mind your task is not to perform to make your man think he's a stud, it's to have pleasure.

  3. KD People keep referring back to orgasm issues, but the problem is no pleasurable sensation at all.

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