Sex with a big balled bull

The dog, not to be outdone, was having a multiple ejaculation. She mouthed his prick-knob again as he hosed her mouth with another squirt. As a soft woolly lamb she had named him Cuddles but as he grew into a powerful hard-muscled creature the name had seemed rather silly and she had begun to call him Rocky the Ram. Can't get his prick out until it gets softer. His shaggy haunches became a blur as they darted back and forth, and his prick was like a lightning bolt. He had already come twice and his prick was no longer rampant, but on the other hand, that big cock had not gone completely soft. That always freed the animals. Her bonnet fell off.

Sex with a big balled bull

The dog, not to be outdone, was having a multiple ejaculation. Her eyes had narrowed and her lips parted, her pretty young face contorted into a mask of pure passion. But one day, as she lifted her skirt, she saw a watchful eye peering through the knothole. It was a long slow process, but one that she enjoyed. And she knew damned well that, whether she had come or not, she was not satisfied either. She tickled the underside of his cock-knob, wanting to make the brute as big and hot and hard as possible before they went on with their fuck. She squirmed out of her panties, holding her skirt up and parting her thighs so that he could get a clear look at her pussy. Coming to a fringe of trees, with a leafy glade, Mary stopped and stared in amazement at the bizarre scene that confronted her. Ole Blue was in the yard, his muzzle resting on his forepaws, his fluffy tail twitching. She didn't, at first, realize that that bodily function had nothing to do with voiding his bladder or bowels, but that it was his balls that needed to be emptied. The cheeks of her ass were round, as if fitted behind her to counterbalance her round tits. OMG She wanted more and her sounds of near animal sexual satisfaction again escaped her lips. She could not believe all that had happened? His cock loomed out, the prick-knob extending all the way up to his front legs so that he seemed to stand astride of his cock. The other thing that had become a big part of this perverse event! Was getting fucked in the cunt by an animal more sinful than getting fucked in the mouth? Then the dog shot up her cunt. She felt an actual physical hunger for his cock and cum, along with the more subtle inner urge that was driving her towards this depraved act. Finally, both thought, at first that this form of a dog cum gobbling contest was over!!! Then the thrill was as great as it could get. She cupped both hands around his prick, just behind the cock-crown, gripping his prick as if his cock were a club. They remained joined for a few minutes, both of them panting from their frenzied fucking, his prick stuffed up her cunt like a plug into a socket, a peg into a hole. They were well and truly stuck together! Time had really gone by since Sissy had been taken from her house earlier in the day. She had been almost frightened by such intense feeling.

Sex with a big balled bull

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