Sex during early weeks of pregnancy

Hiccups, heartburn, belching, swollen feet and hands, weight-gain, even projectile vomiting are some of the fellow travelers of pregnancy. What to Expect at 5th Week of Pregnancy? Potatoes and eggplants are incompatible with cucumbers, dairy products and fruit. It is better to eat baked, braised or boiled food. Common Cold During the first weeks of pregnancy everything is changing in a woman's body, the immune system weakens, so you can catch any infection, virus or just a common cold.

Sex during early weeks of pregnancy

She may feel sleepiness, fatigue, mood swings, even her taste in food changes now. Vaginal discharge during menstruation is different from bleeding in duration and consistence. The uterus is still relevantly small during this period, but it starts to grow, putting some pressure onto the surrounding organs. What Causes Hiccups During Pregnancy? This might help you Pull out your tongue: Every pregnant woman need to have urinalysis, complete blood count, tests for hormones, blood clotting and many other tests. Hopefully, you will get relief: Common cold or sore throat may have serious complications, and in the result you will need to go on bed rest. All these signs indicate the presence of infection, which hit the genitals. Sex During pregnancy, every woman is filled with hormones, they affect her greatly and she sees things differently, even sex is different, both for you and for your husband. This brings in a lot of oxygen to the body helping it function efficiently, but also hiccups. They not only affect your health, but also your social life — stealing away mental peace sometimes. Infact, these repetitive jerks down there indicate that all is well and the baby is growing normally. The baby is constantly drinking the amniotic fluid, and there are pretty good chances that the fluid enters his lungs, causing hiccups. During pregnancy you should choose only natural hygiene products, as the chemicals can hurt you and cause irritation and itching. That is caused by hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. Start spending more time in the fresh air and walk more. Useful Advice You need to know exactly whether you are pregnant or not. Fruit should be eaten separately from other foods, 1 hour before or after a meal. In this period, you should have plenty of rest and sleep, it is desirable to sleep even in a daytime or at least just lie in a horizontal position. In this period, the mother and the fetus are the whole entity, so your baby gets everything you take. Bleeding Bleeding may occur along with abdominal and lumbar pain, it is a very bad sign. On the other hand, the breasts augmentation results in an additional burden on the chest, periodically it becomes very uncomfortable to breathe. Hiccups during pregnancy become just unbearable when they occur while you are sleeping, eating or talking to someone. If you are not sure, you are better to have the appropriate tests, and do not delay having the results.

Sex during early weeks of pregnancy

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Sex During Pregnancy 1st Trimester Is Safe or Not?

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