Recipe for sex in the pan

I made them to the slice stage, then I froze them. They all said they were better than the real thing. Thank you so much for sharing this with the rest of us! It is a hit with everyone. These are so good! My family raved about them They do take a while but well worth it!!!! I did add raisins and nuts, it was great. Best cinnamon bun recipe I have ever tried!

Recipe for sex in the pan

I have nothing bad to say and promise to pass on the goodness. It will not look like it's done, but don't be tempted to keep baking it. I added rasins soaked in rum and used a whiskey sauce insted and it is even better, It looks complicated but in fact it is very easy and I don't cook! Not only delicious but very easy to work with. They do take a while but well worth it!!!! The entire family loves them. You rule Robbie Keep up the great work These rolls are the bomb. As good as fresh. Other girls want this recipe. I had so much fun making these! To cut back a little of the fat in the recipe I used a non-stick baking spray instead of butter in the baking sheet and also used a milk, powdered sugar, cinnamon and vanilla frosting rather than the butter cream frosting suggested in your recipe. They had risen by morning, so I went ahead and made the rolls and they turned out marvelous! These Cinnabon's rocked my socks!!! This is exactly the same recipe I've used for years that came out of some cookbook. I made them last night I also used butter instead of margarine, and brushed the tops of the formed rolls with melted butter prior to baking. I was only hoping to be as good as Cinnabon, but they are actually It really is delicious and super easy to make. My husband took the rest of them to work today so now I have to make more. Made more than I realized. I made them to the slice stage, then I froze them. This is the best recipe I have ever tried. Being the inexperienced baker that I am I was afraid that these were going to be a total flop. This recipe is the BEST! These are better than Cinnabon. I love this recipe so much Just wanted to thank you for not only exciting the family's taste buds with the recipe but for working my peripheral vision while visiting your site!

Recipe for sex in the pan

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Sex in a Pan

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  1. I have not been too impressed with any of the recipes I have tried from the Internet. This worked grat with your fantastic rolls These cinnamon rolls have been a thanksgiving tradition for the last 7 years.

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