Moms an sons sex drunk sex

She broke away from the kiss and looked her son in the eyes. Keep it on the down low and enjoy yourself. He was definitely not a baby anymore as I bounced repeatedly onto his turgid cock. He looked down at her breasts and watched them rock with the motion. His mother smiled to him and told him to pull her skirt off, he did. He could see my lips form a mischievous smile. As he took a seat at the end of the table, he placed my sculpted legs over his shoulders. My previous orgasms were like firecrackers popping. Anyway, he had a huge wang!

Moms an sons sex drunk sex

I slowly brought my weight down onto the Red Bull. He sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV and cracked open one of the beer bottles and chugged it down like a pro. My legs were still splayed over his broad shoulders. Luke held onto the kitchen table as if he was desperately holding onto the edge of a precipice. Shoot that cum into mama! With her other hand she placed his hand on her breast. John's mind raced with thoughts of quickly standing and grabbing his mother, bending her over the arm of the couch; tearing off her panties and sticking his 8 inches of cock deep into her pussy. She looked him over form head to tow. He heard me calling out to him repeatedly from the living room. It was amazing and unprecedented as I began squirting all over his hand. He slowly worked his hips back and forth as his rigid cock glided effortlessly against lips of pussy. It took her a moment to realize she was turned on in her own drunkenness. Her mind raced as her son began to tell of his girl. I am literally popping wood multiple times a day. Johnny quivered at the motions, his belly jerked as if he was a virgin being touched. Luke became entranced with the hypnotic movement of my breasts. Every now and then she would provide a slight slap and a hard grab to his ass. You know what I told you about drinking and guys ma! I got a massive erection in seconds. Her breasts hung out from her body, her nipples erect and anxious; beautiful. I checked out front to make sure that Luke had left for school. My eyes rolled back as I felt all nine inches throb inside my canal. He picked me back up and placed me down on the chair I was riding moments earlier. Four of those sessions have been with a Red Bull can while lying in his bed. My nostrils flared as I acutely savored his manly scent. Her hands ran down his chest to his waist, she lifted his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans.

Moms an sons sex drunk sex

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