How to wake up husband sex

His Secret Obsession is a great place to learn all about what men like and you are free to learn some more here. Take things slow Because you are wet and ready for some real action does not mean your husband feels exactly the same way. Your must have kissed your husbands neck many times before and you know just the way that turns him on and makes him happy. Your husband knows how your body feels but this is going to be a surprise and he will be pleasantly surprised to wake up to this. The effort does not have to be one sided and you can do this with your boyfriend or husband instead of waiting for them to initiate the act. Drop inhibitions and concentrate only on giving and receiving pleasure. You can take these feelings and try to imagine what your husband might feel if you are starting this or trying it out for the first time.

How to wake up husband sex

You are not looking for self satisfaction alone but the same for your partner as well. This experience will last longer than a quickie and it tends to be a lot more passionate too. Let him feel the warmness of your skin against his and then use the back of your hand to gently stroke his chest. Lightly kissing, licking and caressing that area will wake your husband up aroused and ready to devour you. Keep breath fresheners close A lot of men shy away or just bluntly refuse the idea of midnight sex because they absolutely hate morning breath. Kiss his neck One of the most sensitive parts of the body to stimulate is the neck. While in missionary position, with the female on her back, a pillow or two under her lower back can lift the pelvis to just the right position for an orgasmic position. Cuddle him and stroke his chest This is much easier if your husband sleeps on his back. In the hot and heavy action, do not forget about your partner and focus on satisfying only yourself in the sleepy state of mind. Place his hands on your breast To arouse a man in his sleep does not mean you have to put in all the work, you can get him to participate too. Talking dirty to him will work wonders to arouse him from his sleepy state fully charged and ready to ravage your body. He is going to feel it and be seduced with his sense yearning for you. Here Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight provides 10 tips on how to initiate morning sex. Play around with them to see what works best. Just get close and get in there as you cuddle him. Gently stroking his cock is a technique even he will love, who needs sleep when you can feel bliss and fire on from there? Its going to be like grinding on him in the club just in a horizontal position. Your husband knows how your body feels but this is going to be a surprise and he will be pleasantly surprised to wake up to this. It avoids being face-tor-face first thing and is also a loving and intimate position, which leaves the hands free to allow them to wander. You probably learnt cute ways to wake up your boyfriend in college and that worked but the situation is different now. Progress this technique by tenderly grabbing his man meat and stroking it up and down. A lot of people find the thought of waking up in the dead of night for some action very alluring and its no wonder this is hot and sexy. His hand can move smoothly and there is little or not time wasted when he actually fully wakes up. Emma how to attract husband in bed If you have ever tried midnight sex with your husband or ever heard of it then you know one of the best kinds of sex. It means we can skip the gym, having already received a good work out and can head out for the day with a smile breaking out every time our memory slips back to remind us of our early morning activity.

How to wake up husband sex

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Ways you can wake your partner up for some morning sex

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