How to stretch vag for sex

Start urinating and then stop the flow for three seconds and release. You should have a quiet and private place to do this, preferably when you are alone. If you find yourself dealing with a tight vagina that is uncomfortable during sexual intercourse, you may think that your vagina is too small for your partner. I do my Kegel exercises every day and they help a little, but not enough for him to get it in all the way. They help ease penetration and increase the pleasure of intercourse for both parties. It is even better to take a full shower or bath. Do these exercises for 10 repetitions 2 times daily.

How to stretch vag for sex

What Causes Tight Vagina? You tighten them the same as when you are holding back urine and hold there. Take a small amount of lubricant in your finger and place a dab at the opening to your vagina. My vagina is in no way tight after four kids so I know it will stretch out fine. Your vagina is designed to stretch even big enough to have a baby. Send her your question at heather gurl. This is the same as Kegel exercises and involve tightening the muscles on the pelvic floor. Next you will practice the above techniques with your partner present and when you both are ready, use his lubricated penis. That means that when something large is going in there — like a penis, for example — it will stretch to accommodate it. We have also started using a good lube and he makes sure to give me about a half-hour of foreplay. Relax the PC muscles. There are tons of circulating myths about being too tight or too loose and this article may help dispel some of them and give you interesting information on how to loosen vagina for better lovemaking. Then we try two, three or four fingers until I feel ready and things go much smoother. When you feel relaxation coming on after a period of time, start to involve your partner so you get used to them being involved in your sexuality. Do not force it in, just a gentle push. Just relax and let things happen! When you feel ready, move up to placing two fingers in your vagina. Here are the steps on how to loosen vagina: Most of the time the spasms occur as an emotional reaction, but if there was no trauma to the vaginal area it is a good idea to have testing for any vaginal infections or sexually transmitted diseases. When this happens the opening to the vagina spasms and lead to painful intercourse. When your finger is in, do the above exercise and squeeze for three seconds. This will help you get used to how it feels to have something in there. Repeat a few times until you can get your finger in and out easily. You can also use a small sex toy with lube on it. Just leave it in without doing anything else for 10 minutes a day. After you have accomplished the above steps, every time you do this routine now you should just take out your sex toy, lubricate it and place it in your vagina. After tightening the PC muscles and holding for three seconds, relax the muscles.

How to stretch vag for sex

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How To Relax A Tight Vagina

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  1. When your finger is in, do the above exercise and squeeze for three seconds. If you are still uncomfortable after adequate foreplay, there is a condition called vaginismus.

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