Hot momma asking for sex video

All this combined aroused me to the point where I was about to explode. I almost fell right there, the thought of my sexy mother massaging my prostate was surreal. She was wearing a camisole top, which showed some cleavage and her tanned shoulders, she also wore white khaki style shorts, which were short but not short, shorts they showed her toned and tanned legs nicely. I was very aroused at this point and when mom would move her head to see what she was doing her hair would brush against my ass and side this made it even more sexual. I was glad when we finally arrived at the doctor when I got called into the room my mother came with me. When I told my mom she immediately made an appointment with a urologist, one that she knew and used. I was worried not really sure how serious it was.

Hot momma asking for sex video

The other thing that stood out was that my mother seemed worried about me, which started me worrying too. She then told my mother to slide another finger in my ass and massage in the same way but put a little more pressure. She asked me if I wanted a towel over me. This was too much my cock was rock hard. Mom then shifted I felt her closer to me, the warmth of her body, and her smell, she started moving her hand a little faster and she was looking at the tip of my cock to see if there was any fluid coming out. While she was doing that I looked over at my mom who was now leaning forward which gave me a nice view of her more exposed cleavage. The doctor apologized for the discomfort she continued and hit two more spots that made me cry out in pain. She then had me stand up so she could examine my testicles I think she was checking for hernias. The doctor told me to bend over the table again, she lubed up two fingers this time. I went to my room and listened to some music and replayed the events of the day in my mind. She told me that I could sit or stand. The doctor looked grave as she looked at the results. We had a very open and trusting relationship and we could talk about anything. The doctor told my mother to put on a glove and get some lube on her fingers. I told her I felt better. She told my mother to gently slide one finger in and go towards the front of my body until she felt a walnut size bulb; she said when you feel it move your finger side to side to stimulate the prostate. I remember seeing her walk outside toward me and I noticed how sexy she looked and maybe I never noticed before but she had a sexy walk, it almost seemed she was walking more sexy than usual. She pulled her finger out then told us that she was going to examine my prostate with an ultrasonic prostate probe. My mom slide another finger in my ass and it felt incredible she was moving them side-to-side and pushed a little harder. At this point I was mostly dressed with a tank top and shorts, my mom came in and said it was time for her to help me. After I finished I felt weak and spent, the doctor said that the milking was finished and for me and mother to get cleaned up and she would be back in a few minutes. Mom said that it was time for her to go to sleep and she would see me in the morning, she leaned over me and gave me a kiss. She inserted one finger into my ass and started to gently massage my prostate gland, which felt weird at first but then started to feel good. My mom was sitting off to the side of me and I could see her out of the corner of my eye this made my cock stir and start to get erect. I could not believe what the doctor just said, my mother said nothing. She agreed that this would work best with her work schedule.

Hot momma asking for sex video

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  1. My mom had on a long, sheer, beige nightgown that hugged her hips. The doctor then turned off the lights and put a light behind each one of testicles while examining them.

  2. Mom removed her finger and cleaned me up she laid downed beside me and asked if I was OK.

  3. She explained to me and mom that during milking I may ejaculate and I may not but to keep doing it, she also said that if I felt like I wanted to stimulate my penis during the milking to ejaculate faster this would be OK.

  4. I was still not sure it was real, a pretty doctor and my sexy mother milking my prostate and making me cum.

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