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Conclusions There were no clear patterns of association between weather factors and ILI cases detected from the five studied years. It occurred in all communes with over 8, probable cases in According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the environment changes with a changing climate, for example, impacting its resilience. The Ha Nam province consists of five districts and one city: An np-trend test was performed to examine the tendency of the epidemic from to using Stata 10 software Stata Corporation. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Hinh ho ngoc ha sex download htm

In each discussion, the supervisor also helped the student to identify, whom to invite to be interviewed next. The intra-annual cycle of the ILI epidemics occurred twice a year from until mid and is presented in Figs. Study design An initial cross sectional study was conducted in — by reviewing ILI cases reported to the surveillance system of the Preventive Medicine System. In the context of global climate change, the role of climatic factors has been discussed, as they may significantly contribute to the cause of large outbreaks of ILI. Ha Nam has a tropical monsoon climate. ILI occurred yearly in all six districts of the Ha Nam province. ILI cases in Ha Nam were reported through routine monthly surveillance reporting of 28 infectious diseases presented in Annex 1. There were 74 countries that were affected by the pandemic. There are two contrasting seasons, which are summer and winter and two transition periods of spring and autumn. This study aims to: Information of these initial interviews would direct the selection of the next persons at different levels for further information. A bachelor student, trained and experienced in conducting in-depth interviews and previously coached by senior experienced interviewers, made all of the qualitative data collection for this study as part of her bachelor thesis. Some scientific studies have indicated the relationship between the ILI prevalence and climatic factors, as well as between ILI cases and climate, with the scale of space and time The interviewer also took notes by hand in a notebook. Ten in-depth interviews with health workers in charge of recording and reporting ILI cases at different levels of the ILI surveillance system were conducted to gain a deeper understanding of factors contributing to explaining the relation between the ILI and the weather factors. Therefore, 10 in-depth interviews were conducted in Ha Nam, consisting of two targeted village health workers, three targeted commune health staff, three targeted district health staff, and two targeted provincial preventive medicine staff. The first author of this paper, who was also the supervisor, together with the student used the quantitative data to identify themes that would be raised in the in-depth interviews. The in-depth interviews were transcribed verbatim. The sample in the interview study was purposively selected with the aim of having key informants, who were able to give information to get a deeper understanding of the results identified from the quantitative analysis. Spearman correlation analyses between ILI cases and weather factors were conducted to identify which preceding period of months and weather patterns influenced the occurrence of ILI cases. From village to province level, all informants gave their informed consent to participate and the interviews were carried out at their work place. Material and methods Study area The Ha Nam province is located in the Red River Delta area, and in , it had a population of about , people. Every sheet displayed the monthly aggregated number of ILI cases of all six districts. CDC estimated that 43—89 million people had H1N1 between April and April , in which there were approximately 8,—18, H1N1 related deaths 4. This outbreak made the ILI situation in Vietnam more severe and complicated. An interview guide with themes and questions was prepared and used. Therefore, there was no risk of disclosing any individual information.

Hinh ho ngoc ha sex download htm

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  1. In Vietnam, ILI is a key priority for public health also because of its annually recurring temporal pattern. Spearman correlation analyses between ILI cases and weather factors were conducted to identify which preceding period of months and weather patterns influenced the occurrence of ILI cases.

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