Guilt about having sex with husband

So it is normal for child molesters to give their victims pleasure. In the middle of sleeping I started to have a very erotic dream. I take him for granted as a partner in marriage and parenting instead of making him a priority—a physical priority! Crippling emotional conflict is the inevitable consequence of a father perverting the most powerful forces within humans by doing what no father should ever do. Emotionally, he listens and stands by my side when I need him. Instead of pretending, be honest with your husband, and then choose to put him first and have sex anyway! My heart goes out to all who have suffered so greatly that they are now addicted to hating someone or to unwholesome sex. Spiritually, he leads and challenges me in my walk with the Lord. The grave failure to even detect the problem arose because survey questions were determined on the dangerously false assumption that children feel uncomfortable about sexual seduction.

Guilt about having sex with husband

The rest of her would have simply found penetration reason to hate him even more. That, of course, is a most painful and difficult thing but it is the only road to peace and freedom. As would be expected of anyone who feels so doomed, they slide into destructive behavior until they discover the liberating truth. This way your submission will not be posted under the guest account. In the middle of sleeping I started to have a very erotic dream. To cling to the fact you were just a child or were forced, or whatever, is like shivering in the pouring rain, huddling under an old, leaky umbrella that threatens to rip to shreds in the next gust of wind, when you could immediately trade that umbrella for the warmth and luxury of a magnificent palace. Part of the addict passionately loves what he is addicted to and part of him detests it. They end up perpetuating their own abuse by deliberately combining sexual pleasure with fantasies of being abused. In general, I found that more children were triggered by sexual curiosity than by the need for affection. For purely physiological reasons it takes less skill to seduce boys. This is a question I have been often asked with an expression of guilt. A few years back, I was horrified to discover an example of how mothers seem able to get away with almost anything in the area of sexual molestation of their boys. Neither does the existence of pleasure hint that the victim might be perverted or immoral. Children are more of a distraction to women than men. Few people who have not suffered it, can understand the dynamics of non-traumatic sexual molestation. My body was in a state of arousal but to my mind I was quite shocked and disturbed by the discovery. No matter how much she detested the ordeal, she would involuntarily laugh. My body and my mind were not in sync as far as how they felt about it. I had gone to live with him in his country. I beg you to explore this in depth because it is the most liberating, healing and life-transforming truth in the universe. Although her father repeatedly molested her, he did not actually penetrate her, whereas he penetrated her sister. Everyone needs to realize that from a very young age, normal children have genitals that send pleasure signals to the brain when stimulated in certain ways. It was not so long ago when, in their ignorance, most parents used to presume they were adequately protecting their children against sexual predators by warning them only against contact with strangers. He ends up feeling rejected as a man and as a spouse. It in no way suggests the person is immoral or subconsciously wants to be abused.

Guilt about having sex with husband

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Should I Feel Guilty For Having Sex With Him?

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  1. Having a nice feeling in the midst of rape or molestation is usually no more than a bodily reaction like bleeding.

  2. The pleasure of a drug-induced high that drug pushers give their victims does not justify their actions; it is what makes their actions despicable.

  3. He fulfills my every need most of the time. How can I mention pleasure without readers wrongly supposing I am referring to something desirable?

  4. Everybody is different and boundaries need to be respected. Instead of pretending, be honest with your husband, and then choose to put him first and have sex anyway!

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