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The number of single people has reached a record high. This was also the year, as the number of elderly people shoots up, that adult incontinence pants outsold baby nappies in Japan for the first time. I don't even like holding hands. Yet conservative attitudes in the home and workplace persist. Inside, she takes me upstairs to her "relaxation room" — a bedroom with no furniture except a double futon. She berates the government for "making it hard for single people to live however they want" and for "whipping up fear about the falling birth rate".

Free having in people public sex video

Japan's punishing corporate world makes it almost impossible for women to combine a career and family, while children are unaffordable unless both parents work. Japanese men have become less career-driven, and less solvent, as lifetime job security has waned. She just doesn't want a relationship and casual sex is not a good option, she says, because "girls can't have flings without being judged". In the Japan Family Planning Association's study on sex among young people, there was far more data on men than women. Her end was not pretty. Its population of million , which has been shrinking for the past decade, is projected to plunge a further one-third by For their government, "celibacy syndrome" is part of a looming national catastrophe. Aoyama's first task with most of her clients is encouraging them "to stop apologising for their own physical existence". And that's from a woman who knows a bit about whipping. I don't even like holding hands. Millions aren't even dating, and increasing numbers can't be bothered with sex. The country is undergoing major social transition after 20 years of economic stagnation. And Japan's cities are extraordinarily crime-free. Ironically, the salaryman system that produced such segregated marital roles — wives inside the home, husbands at work for 20 hours a day — also created an ideal environment for solo living. Aoyama says the sexes, especially in Japan's giant cities, are "spiralling away from each other". It's not an option for women like me. The number of single people has reached a record high. Although Japan is sexually permissive, the current fantasy ideal for women under 25 is impossibly cute and virginal. These factors include the lack of a religious authority that ordains marriage and family, the country's precarious earthquake-prone ecology that engenders feelings of futility, and the high cost of living and raising children. The sign outside her building says "Clinic". Some of Aoyama's clients are among the small minority who have taken social withdrawal to a pathological extreme. Japan's somethings are the age group to watch. Satoru Kishino, 31, belongs to a large tribe of men under 40 who are engaging in a kind of passive rebellion against traditional Japanese masculinity. I asked the association's head, Kunio Kitamura, why. Whipping up fear in people, she says, doesn't help anyone. Their chances of remaining childless are even higher:

Free having in people public sex video

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  1. And the centuries-old belief that the purpose of marriage is to produce children endures. According to the government's population institute, women in their early 20s today have a one-in-four chance of never marrying.

  2. It became awkward when the question of the future came up. Across urban Asia, Europe and America, people are marrying later or not at all, birth rates are falling, single-occupant households are on the rise and, in countries where economic recession is worst, young people are living at home.

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