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She runs her hands along her hips and ass briefly before taking out some sex marbles from the drawer. Julie and her best friend Sophie make out on the couch. The lips on lips activity becomes quite heated momentarily before it tones down to a more tender pace. The personal erotic factor enhances with the fond touching action by the women. The heat level smolders nicely. Later, as Claudia and Julie have some one on one time together, Angel provides some nice foot worship on Michelle.

Free free sex stories and movies

The atmosphere feels steamy. The tone feels personal. The body language between them enhances the pure enjoyment that these ladies have for this scene and for one another. A sexy Claudia is looking at herself in a mirror. I really enjoyed Bill Powers' screenplay and direction style. I could not tell by her performance that this film was her very first one. Michelle and Suzi both take good fond care of the other's pretty pussies. The room begins to fill up with the sounds of their moans. The two dark-haired ladies kiss briefly before Suzi runs her fingers along Angel's nipples. But, the fingerfucking and titty sucking actions provided the most passion. The audio and video quality are solid. Soon, Claudia pushes them inside of her vaginal treasure compartment and leaves them there to join the others for dinner. The chemistry between the ladies were steamy. Beside them, Michelle is getting her pussy eaten by Sophie while Angel runs her hands along Michelle's cute bod. Soon, Angel and Michelle join in on the pair as they run their hands on Julie. Julie slides off her pal's panties and gently kisses her inner thigh. Michelle focuses on the woman's pussy with her fingers. Then, she rubs her pussy a while. Both ladies do a swell job in teasing each other by running their hands along their own bodies. Julie and her best friend Sophie make out on the couch. The pussy rubbing activity heats up the excitement level. Suzi follows her to the bedroom where she kisses her friend. I enjoyed looking at her nicely feminine fingernails. Next, Claudia gets on her hands and knees on top of a lawn chair as Sophie caresses her ass a lot. A more determined pussy workout by Angel occurs later while Suzi sucks and caresses Michelle's breasts.

Free free sex stories and movies

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Lake Consequence - Lifetime Movie 2017 Based On A True Story

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  1. It was well-paced and quite captivating. Meanwhile, this film deserves to be nominated for Best All-Girl Release.

  2. As for the sex performances, many of them were very sexy and sensuous. Julie's Story is an erotic and sensual all-girl film that has six friends gathering for a reunion.

  3. Julie slides off her pal's panties and gently kisses her inner thigh. Suzi follows her to the bedroom where she kisses her friend.

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