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True two-tone shirts that set the wearer apart in distinguished style. Some of the latest product innovations include: Unique, premium two-ply cotton trousers that are wrinkle-free, breathable, and provide superior comfort. It addresses the functional, branded, packing and packaging trims used in Apparel and Accessories business from the world's best domestic and international vendors. Build strong in-sighting platforms anchored in advanced analytics to take data-driven decisions. Robust monitoring mechanisms measure the impact of various initiatives - leading to successful initiatives being rolled out across retail chains. The centre also oversees implementation of synergic green processes based on best in industry benchmarks and ensures that the organisation imbibes the latest in fashion production technology. The KMC was created with the mission of being not just the proprietary knowledge repository of ABFRL's learnings as a leader in fashion, but also to institutionalize knowledge creation, sharing, learning and usage. In an increasingly competitive market, ABFRL believes that in order to ensure sustainable growth,it is necessary to provide customers a superior experience across all touch-points.

Format in pdf sex story tamil

It helps in consolidating deigns, analysing fits and assisting in marker making and pattern development for all brands. Style Studio allows customers to choose their style by category, colour, patterns and fabrics with a virtual preview without stepping into a physical trial room. The listening tool alerts the Epic Centre to consumer conversations around our brands, categories as well as general topics of interest that have captured the attention of the digital audience. My Fit is an online tool which offers customised clothes according to individual body type and personal style preferences. This is a critical focus area as fashion moves from the two-season model into a fast fashion era, with the process of forecasting, conceptualisation, design and production becoming much shorter and faster. Allen Solly Air Shirts: In order to stay relevant to the customer, it is imperative to change in the way they experience our brands and products; and hence was born Omni Channel. Create cross-functional platforms to act on the insights gained and close the loop with customers - both at an individual level as well as in making strategic changes to the business. A premium dress shirt with superior lustre and good craftsmanship that requires no ironing. Create robust mechanisms to listen to the voice of customers whether in stores or in the online space. True two-tone shirts that set the wearer apart in distinguished style. Colour and Yarn Studio: The fabric studio consists of a 'technology' room that is well equipped with all the latest technology used in the apparel industry. It has 10 studios and a library. This framework articulates our commitment to building a resilient organization and sustainable growth by promoting sound business practices, encouraging transparency and accountability, and abiding by the Aditya Birla Group's Values. KMC The Knowledge Management Centre transforms information and intellectual assets into lasting values for the company and its consumers. ABFRL believes that at the very heart of the fashion retail experience is the product. Best white formal shirt: The Epic Centre has helped increase the returns on marketing spend not just on itself but on other media as well. The TMC is an invaluable asset for special needs and value-added fashion products. Madura Fashion and Lifestyle has developed and successfully launched many breakthrough products over the last decade. ABFRL University is one of a kind strategic business investment in building functional expertise across all career stages of an employee. The studio has one of the best washed samples in the business. Van Heusen Style Studio: A unique collection of shirts with micro capsules that release refreshing fragrances.

Format in pdf sex story tamil

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