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If that isn't enough to get your blood-boiling, here's the kicker: Any episode after that is just awful. It was because it shows the elephant sitting on the couch, while flashback-inducing noises of domestic violence are heard. The ending where they just stop trying. Maybe the most mean-spirited "joke" they've ever done.

Family guy sex naked naughty lois

Stevie Will Show You: The peak of the episode's awfulness, though, was when Brian tried to explain why Meg's stab at religion was misguided and atheism is more logical. I don't know if I'll be courting controversy by saying this, but I really and truly did not care for Season Two's or whatever season it was, due to network shuffling "Let's Go To The Hop". The resulting gag is about a minute showing Peter going into an elaborate underground vault, and, at the end, takes out a porn magazine; it's an overly-long setup to a joke to which we already know the punchline. As someone who loves animals, especially cats, I found absolutely nothing funny about this. Her overall body type and facial structure were exactly the same. The worst of it has to be the scene where Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe play a round of golf. Due to his injuries, Peter has Lois become his secretary and wants to have sex with her in his office. The cut-away gag in which we have Elmer Fudd repeatedly shoot Bugs Bunny and then snap his neck before dragging the bleeding carcass away. It was probably the most uncalled for, idiotic joke in the history of the show, because not only is it in really poor taste because it has a basis in reality, but the woman's screaming and there was a baby watching. But what stands out for me the worst is a cutaway gag where Peter mentions having lots of hiding places for his porn. Instead of laughing at what could have been Crosses the Line Twice , I feel a strong sense of malice behind it. Sweet baby Jebus, worst argument for atheism I've ever heard. Not to mention that it can carry Fridge Logic Unfortunate Implications. This atheist troper thinks the episode is more insulting to Atheists than it is to Theists. The ending where they just stop trying. This was also the point where Family Guy pretty much completely messed up in it's dedication to anti-religiousness. Fuck, this Christian troper could've come up with a way better argument for atheism. As a person who's had to deal with my mom throwing things and hitting my dad while screaming to him about abusing her and cheating on her, on a Friday of November , final day of school before Thanksgiving break, and when it was going on I was in different rooms crying hoping It would be over soon, then witnessing my mom be taken to prison camp for 3 days; this is a sketch that disgusted me and enraged me more than the disemboweled whale gag. Don't be fooled by the title of this episode. Worst of all, who everyone listened to when it comes to sex? That stupid "breakfast machine" cutaway which just results in Peter injuring himself yet again. Hell, you're not even Sinatra Jr. Season 6 Furi Kuri: Put another way—if the mayor was trying to legalize gay marriage and Brian put a gun to his head to stop it, would he be right then?

Family guy sex naked naughty lois

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