Counselor managing bias toward sex offender

Still, similar effects have been described in the literature pertaining to work with victims of sexual offences Knight, These explanations could therefore lead to unjustified generalizations. Typically these individuals see their victims as pseudo-adults. Currently, there is, however, little evidence to support this claim. Although the authors stated that the participants were asked about positive aspects of work, no information hereof was included in their results. There is, however, also sufficient evidence to determine that a considerable amount of these therapists find satisfaction in their work. Almost half of the participants that specified why they would not provide treatment for this group explained that such choices had been made due to negative feelings or experiences concerning these types of clients. It can therefore be assumed that many therapists are faced with a dilemma when considering to whom they owe their loyalty — society or the offender?

Counselor managing bias toward sex offender

While no consistent term is currently available for these effects, four theoretical constructs have primarily been used to measure responses to interpersonally demanding work: Violent sex offenders are the least prevalent type of sexual offender. In fact, most are not. Currently, there is, however, little evidence to support this claim. Perhaps because of the dominant discourse within the literature that sex offender therapy is strenuous work , most research efforts to date have sought to either locate stress-related symptoms within therapists or explain why they might occur. The clinical definition of sex offending is nonconsensual sexual activity. We searched for the following terms: This may be because secure facilities usually house sex offenders that are thought to be more dangerous. Either way, from a clinical perspective this behavior is unlikely to be considered sexual offending. Furthermore, a pursuit to identify, measure, and separate the negative impacts from the positive may be a questionable endeavor because such features, in fact, could be interrelated and coexist. For more information or to reach Mr. Yet, in order to support treatment providers in their work, it should also be recognized that it is of equal importance to understand its rewards. And in the states where it is a crime the caliber of the offense and the potential consequences might vary significantly. While recidivism rates vary be study e. Over the years, he has created and overseen more than a dozen high-end addiction and mental health treatment facilities. While correlations may provide some useful insight into a phenomenon, claims of causality should be made with great caution Coolican, While it is outside the scope of this review to discuss these questions in detail, we argue that such ambiguity may prove to be relevant in explaining potential negative effects from working with sex offenders, as such dilemmas may be strenuous to cope with. In , Sandhu, Rose, Rostill-Brookes, and Thrift also conducted a study using interpretive phenomenological analysis, in which similar results were obtained. Typically these individuals see their victims as pseudo-adults. Yet, few studies incorporated these factors into their research. Sabin-Farrell and Turpin , for instance, highlight that those who feel negatively impacted by their work could be more likely to participate in such studies, as they may find them useful and relevant. Whereas the concept of burnout is thought to capture stress reactions to any work environment, the three remaining constructs were originally developed to assess therapists working with trauma survivors specifically Jenkins et al. They present little danger in a therapeutic setting. Castration has also been used in extreme cases Nori, Another interesting example is same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults.

Counselor managing bias toward sex offender

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