Catholic views on sex in marriage

What determines the morality of an act? Marital sexuality achieves two purposes. A divorced Catholic should consult with his pastor or his confessor about whether or not he has sinned by getting a divorce. Some obligations will be embraced while others will be considered necessary but unpleasant. This process is partly completed here; full unity will be restored in the next life.

Catholic views on sex in marriage

A good intention and good consequences cannot change the moral object of the act from evil to good. Natural sexual intercourse between a husband and wife is called natural marital relations. Nor can one do evil partially, as if this would be in the service of good. Many moralists claim that 'passionate' kissing is always an objective mortal sin for any unmarried man and woman, regardless of intention or circumstances, even if the couple is engaged. If the intention and consequences are good, then the morality of an act of foreplay will depend on the moral object. But as time wore on, and the reasons for abstaining from a sexual relationship began to wane, the physical intimacy did not get re-established. God gave us the gift of sex to participate in his Creation. These sexual acts remain deprived of the unitive and procreative meanings, and therefore they remain intrinsically evil, regardless of intention or circumstance. Do you really think that Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary would approve of unnatural sexual acts within the Sacrament of Marriage? There are no such statements or teachings in that lecture series, nor in any other talk or writings by Pope John Paul II, neither in his role as Pope, nor in any expressions of his personal theological opinions. Common Heretical Teachings Some theologians, priests, and lay leaders have claimed that unnatural sexual acts are moral in certain circumstances. Surely blame can be laid at the feet of both husband and wife and yet there can be no argument that the husband's need for physical love from his wife was as real as his wife's need for abstinence at the outset of her medical condition. The wife could hire someone to cut it but the husband would be furious and she is left seeing her husband in a less than stellar light. Does Humanae Vitae permit the use of contraception, if it is a therapeutic means or if it is for a therapeutic purpose? Which types of sexual acts are moral between a husband and wife? The great Jewish sage, Maimonides wrote: Sexual relations within marriage are a part of the Sacrament of Marriage, are even necessary to its validity, and therefore unnatural sexual acts within a Christian marriage are offenses against the Sacrament as well as offenses against the natural moral law. These are sometimes referred to euphemistically as oral stimulation, anal stimulation, and manual stimulation. But such an approach is contrary to the definitive teaching of the Magisterium on intrinsic evil. If you know that it is an unnatural sexual act, then you know that it is wrong. Similarly, one cannot combine an act that is unnatural or non-marital or not open to life, with an act that is natural, marital, and open to life, in order to justify the former by the latter. Which types of acts are moral for a husband and wife to use as foreplay? Natural marital relations is moral, even when the husband and wife are unable to conceive, because the essential moral nature of the act remains inherently ordered toward the threefold good intended by God for sexual relations: But, similarly also, it is not the husband, but the wife, who has power over his body. An act does not have to achieve its moral object to be inherently ordered toward its moral object.

Catholic views on sex in marriage

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  1. Although the plan was to essentially have it all, I can't say it was as much my own personal goals as simply the general goals of women my age. Acts which are not intrinsically evil may be moral, depending on intention and circumstances.

  2. The morality of any act is based on three fonts or sources: Examples of intrinsically disordered sexual acts include:

  3. The use of artificial contraception causes any acts of marital relations to be closed to life, thereby making the attempt to use natural family planning not truly natural. More on marital chastity in my book:

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